Pics from Larz Anderson, Heritage and Father's Day

Started by Cape Cod Fleetwood, June 17, 2019, 06:55:21 PM

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Cape Cod Fleetwood

Now I'm grateful the supposed rain kept us away from Gillette Stadium on the 6th and my clubs' visit to a retirement home in my town is postponed to August. 5 car shows in a month, while working full time, is a lot of work. FUN - but a lot of work. One more event this month, "Cars and Cappuccino's Luxury Car Show" at Mercedes Benz in Burlington this coming Sunday, weather looks good so far.

Copy/paste from my Facebook page, tons of video from the shows and the 'drive off' yesterday in Hyannis on my page too.
450 cars at the Father's Day show Sunday, 20K+ people, it was insanely good car fun.


*JUST*A*BLAST* today at the Greater Hyannis Chamber Father's Day Car Show. Yah, getting up at 0330 sux after a 4 hour nap, but its wonderful being there. The Ark was MOBBED all day, much to the chagrin of the phony SS and Mustang to my left and right. The guy parking the 'stang to my right, it took him 4 attempts to angle in backwards the way the pit crew wants, I'm watching in disbelief. Now its my turn, the pit crew are all members of my club, the Cape Cod Classics Car Club. This guy knows me, he just points. I pull the Ark up to within a coat of paint of a Road Runner, cut the wheel, chirp the wheels in reverse, and I'm right where they want me. This isn't hard boys.

This is my prize... my reward. So MANY people all day coming up to The Ark with these huge grins, smiles and you can read their lips - OH MY GOD! "its HUGE!" "My father/grandfather/uncle/aunt had one just like it.." and you can see them going back in time, I just pray the memories are positive for all. And 90% of the gawkers head for the back seat and point at the foot rests and smile. The interior, etc. So many stunned by the size of it. The size of the engine, etc. Its really, REALLY cool. And early some Indian guy (spot not feather), well dressed, comes up to me "this is your car..." yes. "I buy this car". From whom? "I want to buy this car." A lot of people do, its not for sale. "I give you my card, you call me, we arrange price." I don't want your card, its not for sale. "But I give you good money." ITS-NOT-FOR-SALE. He walked away stunned.

Wanna know what the best part of my day was? Seeing Mike Chappel. Haven't seen him in years and we were so close, he saw me through the day of my brain radiation, and for weeks afterwards, few could have survived that, the definition of a friend. Never mind the years of me working for Sweet Cheater. Mike had a show with Cheater last night in Malden, today was one of his very few days off, he's tired,the guy works his ass off. But he made the time to come see me, and The Ark, And it just meant the world to me.

Finally home sweet home, since I was parked under a shedding tree all day I had to vacuum the car NOW since I have the week from hell coming up and another event next Sunday, Cars and Cappuccinos | Luxury Car Show in Burlington MA. I attached a pic in the comments of The Ark back home, plugged in and snuggled in the Lair. Ark laundry is done, dogs are fed, 1st round from the *BARTENDER*! complete. Huge Cesar Salad for dinner then early to bed. Happy Father's Day where applicable, I know my dad in Heaven had a good day watching the car show. Hope you all had/are having a Blessed Sunday.


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