Brougham Bar vs. GN Friday night happy hour forum users meet & greet

Started by chrisntam, June 24, 2019, 12:41:34 PM

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As this past GN was only my 2nd, there (again) was a paltry turnout in the bar by forum users, both in Louisville and in San Marcos.

After reading the Brougham Bar thread, perhaps we should permanently cancel the hotel bar meet and greet and move it to the parking lot.

Seems like the parking lot was the place to be!

Comfy foldable chairs, a small table, coolers w/ beverages, good conversation and attractive cars within eyesight.  We wouldn't have to struggle to find a table, though we would need to bring our own chairs, which most of us do anyway.  Someone would certainly bring tunes with a great play list!

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Great idea.
Stop paying those inflated prices in the hotel lounge! I've attended five GNs and the best "happy hour" was always in the parking lot (or in the case of South Bend in 2003 the parking garage).
A cooler full of beer, some chips and a stadium chair and you're good to go!
A word of caution: a lot of states don't allow "outside" beverages to be consumed on hotel property so be a little discrete.

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