Electrikal issue on my 72 Eldorado

Started by DanishEldoradoFan, October 27, 2019, 11:44:05 AM

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Hi, my Eldo has got an odd problem.
When i turn the key, to "on", there is no light in "Gen" or anything, the gas gauge does not come on, but the car starts right away.

Could it be my ignition switch? Or a broken wire/connection?
Niels, Denmark


I suppose your gas gauge never does work, and you may not be
charging the battery either?  Get the wiring diagram for the car
and start tracking down some obvious fault.  One fix will likely cover
all your issues. 
good luck, Bruce Roe


No, my gas gauge usuallky work, and the car is charging as it should :)
Niels, Denmark

Matti R

How about checking the bulb in "Gen" warning light?
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TJ Hopland

Check fuses?   Should be one called gauges or inst or something along those lines.
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Car will run without a gen light, fuel gauge, fan, etc.   But must be getting power after start if fuel gauge works when it returns to "on".   Guess: Worn or corroded contact issue.