1937 Lasalle Wiper Blades

Started by frank37, January 27, 2020, 12:16:27 PM

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Wanted----Can anyone tell me who sells new or repro wiper blades for a 37 LaSalle ? They measure 7 1/4 inch and have an "eye/hook" to fasten them to the wiper arm(see attached pic). If you have 2 to sell or can suggest where to buy. Include price/shipping.  thanks

Tom Boehm


   I just took Tom's advice and  wrote to Ficken, will let y'all know if  they can supply as I need a pair for my car too. They claim to respond to e mails within 48 hours so I'll post their reply.
       I think this post belongs in  the Technical  and or Restoration section for future reference.

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Carl I wish I had known you needed a set of these.  I just threw a set out from when I had my 37 because I didn't know anyone who needed them.  They were new in the box too.

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Update--according to Ficken @ wiperman.com , my blade is made by ANCO which he does not carry. Apparently there were Trico blades and Anco blades.  I assume the arms are different to accept different blades. Anyone know where I can get ANCO replacement blades?? (See picture attached to original post)


Here's the reply I received:
I have reproductions of the original style blades. I never assume a car of that age has original arms. It may be safest if you send me a picture of the tip of your wiper arm where the blade connects. Rob

Contact is sales@wiperman.com


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Reproductions of this type of blade are available at many places.  They are most likely only made by one or two different people.  If you really want a blade that works in the rain it will take some experimenting to find one that works.  Last September on an annual week long trip, it rained a great deal here in the PNW so the wiper blades got tested on our car.  They were the typical modern reproduction type.  The rubber on the blade was too stiff.  The crimp in the middle for the hook made the blade arch just enough combined with the hard rubber to leave a bad place right in the middle in the line of sight.  I have since found a NOS one which still had soft rubber and it works.  Most likely when they make these reproduction parts they never tested them in the rain to see if the actually work. If you don't drive in the rain then any blade can work.
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       Rain-X  (liquid you slop on to the windshield)is also a very commendable addition, the stuff works extremely well. I use it on the visor of my crash helmet with good results.


WIPERS found--I found the wiper blade replacements at :  sales@wiperman.com  They are repros of the original Trico blades measuring 7.5 inches used on 37 LaSalles and probably others close to that year  .  So mystery solved and thanks to all that replied.  FPezzimenti