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Started by Cape Cod Fleetwood, February 03, 2020, 05:32:59 PM

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Cape Cod Fleetwood

Since I've been a CLC member again, which isn't that long, this was the best issue yet.
Loved Jeff Shively's story, whether you're into cars, homes, boats, horses, real estate or hummels,
everyone can relate.  "Cadillac Magic" was terrific, great photo's and right off the bat the article was
going to tell me a story about a car, fabulous. "The Red Cadillac" actually gave me a reason to go to NJ.
Great photo's, great story, though I'm sure the LED lighting under the car gave more than a few here a case
of AFib. At least it wasn't lowered. Which I would do with the car and pimp out the wheels too, its a business
expense, mod it, MHO. "Take Your Cadillac To School" was simply brilliant. THIS IS HOW you get kids into the fold,
great pictures, great story, well done.

My thanks to all who contributed and produced this issue, it was fantastic.

There are 2 kinds of cars in the world, Cadillac and everything else....

The Present -1970 Fleetwood Brougham

The Past -
1996 Deville Concours
1987 Sedan De Ville "Commonwealth Edition"
1981 Coupe De Ville (8-6-4)
1976 Sedan De Ville
1975 Sedan De Ville

The Daily Driver and work slave -
2008 GMC Acadia SLT *options/all


I met Bill Renda a couple of years ago at a car show in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.   He is a real nice guy.  The genuine article.   He is very passionate about his Cadillacs and life in general.   You won't meet a nicer guy.

I was lucky to arrive at another local show in Wethersfield, CT and park next to his gorgeous 63 convertible.

I was happy to see that his car was chosen for the NY concours event.    It's a wonderful feature in the Self Starter too.   


...and some great pictures on pages 28-31