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Started by dgll411, March 07, 2020, 05:26:45 PM

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Hello Everyone,
Just joined the forum. I have a 66 Eldorado that needs to be painted. The body is in good shape, needing very minor repairs. I am wondering what a paint job done the right way should cost. Also if anyone has any recommendations in MA. I need the quarter wreaths and crests, but I think thats another forum.

Mike Josephic CLC #3877

With paint jobs, there is a very wide variation in cost all
depending on what your wishes are (doing a show car or
a driver) vs. what you can afford.

A decent quality "paint job" using base coat / clear coat
and accounting for NO body work is about $10k.  Any
body work, especially rust related, can easily double
that figure.  If you are going for a show car look that
can compete at the Grand National level then $30k+ is
the starting point.  Again, that does not include bodywork.

An excellent restoration house in MA is Hyannis Vintage
Auto and I'm familiar with their work.  Their contact info:

Regarding the trim pieces you are looking for, there are
many sources.  Try E-Bay also you can try the "Want to Buy"
section of this forum.

Good luck,

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Also remember that somewhere along the line all the chrome trim, bumpers, hood and trunk lids have to be removed for a great job. That's a lot of labor and that contributes somewhat to the cost of a good paint job. If you can do that yourself you can save some bucks.