1966 Cadillac's Question

Started by Bill Young, January 26, 2020, 07:15:24 PM

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Bill Young

Ralph , thank you for the clarification.

J. Douglas Bailey

Ralph, so glad you saw this string and weighed in. A very thorough answer, and well documented. I am going to copy and forward this string to Lars and Jeff so they have the data to make an edit to the Authenticity Manual. I was citing the Body Manual and had forgotten your reference to the Master Parts List. THANKS! 
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I came across this information from the October 1964 issue of the Cadillac Serviceman regarding the inner fender braces and thought it could be included here to help document the fact that these parts were not used on convertible models starting in 1965.

Scot Minesinger

The frames of the 1970 SDV (closed) and DVC convertibles seem identical in every way.  I have witnessed up close in suspension work, metal fuel line replacements, brake line replacements, and etc.  One of my friends replaced his rusted/rotten/compromised frame on a 67 DVC with a good closed Caddy frame from 1967 and there was no apparent difference.  Since then 30k trouble free miles have been driven. 

The struts missing on the convertibles must have not been necessary.  The body to frame bushings are better in the convertible DVC at the front and on sides than the SDV.  Also, the convertible body has some additional bracing.  Like Mike I added the braces on my convertible and it made no difference whatsoever.  Since they are there, they will stay, thought they were removed during engine rebuild before I bought the car and they were not replaced.

Agree, unless you ordered level control in (maybe 67?) 68 thru 1970 on a convertible you only got the driver side brace, otherwise no braces from 1965-70 with convertibles.
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It would be great to find some GM / Cadillac design / engineering study on these braces and why they were not used in the 1965-70 RWD convertibles. It has to have been done, finding it is the challenge.
"Cadillac" Mike