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Scissor top side roof rail adjustment
« on: April 04, 2020, 03:54:48 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I recently replaced the top on my 72 Eldorado.  The mechanism is working smoothly up and down, and the locking pins are lining up properly. 

I followed the adjustment shop manual procedures for stacked frame tension and up tension as best as I could without a tensions gauge.  I am having a problem getting the front and rear side roof rail weather strips to line up properly, which creates a problem with aligning the windows to the weather strip. 

I'm attaching (hopefully) a photo of the driver side to this post.  Passenger side is very similar. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for adjusting the frame so that the weather strips line up properly when the top is locked into the head rail?


Andrew Briddell
McFarland, Wisconsin

Andrew Briddell
1972 Eldorado Convertible


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