Trace my 58 Coupe

Started by Andy Green, May 22, 2020, 07:10:40 AM

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Andy Green

Back in April 2016 I bought a lovely 58 Coupe from the USA, I transferred the money for the car. The guy was a restoration guy and seemed very helpful so I asked if he could check the car out and do any repairs needed and I would pay for the work. The motor he said needed a rebuild, I said ok so he took it to another repair shop. This was completed but the repair shop caught fire and my 58 plus others I was told were all totalled. My money was not refunded after numerous excuses as the repair shop was not insured. I now find out from DMV that my car has not been totalled and is owned by someone else. I live in the UK so I am asking for help from anyone who may have this car now. The Vin number is : 586022669 and the car is a 2 door Cadillac coupe which is stock and has manual windows. It was blue with a darker blue roof when I bought it. Can anyone help or give me some ideas who to contact for help? Thanks



Contact the police in the state where it's currently registered or that gave you that info. 
There's a national VIN system to run numbers.   The police can do that.

Sorry for your loss, but it's a problem in this "sport".