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Author Topic: Apologizes to Owner of Broken-Down 78 Triple Yellow Biarritz on NJ 31 9/20  (Read 453 times)

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I feel really bad about not stopping today, Sunday the 20th to assist the owner of the triple yellow 78 Biarritz. The Family and I were traveling on NJ Route 31 ~ 5:00 pm when I witnessed the Biarritz parked and stranded on the opposing shoulder.

I slowed down but saw no evidence that the Biarritz owner was present. Possibly and hopefully the Biarritz owner received a ride from a Good Samaritan or lives close by at one of the surrounding farms and was already in the process of rectifying the mechanical issue, or more preferably satisfying the Biarritz’s thirsty 425 that may have ran dry enroute to the Exxon station for some 93 Proof.

I’m pleased to report that when we passed returning home ~ 3 hours later, there was no evidence of the Biarritz and I wanna go to bed believing it made it home safely, especially since both the Jets and Giants failed to deliver for the second week in a row!

Best regards,
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