1962 Cadillac Hearse Still In Service

Started by SteveB3155, March 02, 2021, 03:26:37 PM

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Great article in today's Boston Globe (paywall) about a funeral home in Greenfield, Massachusetts that utilizes a restored 1962 Cadillac hearse.

1961 Series 62 Convertible


There’s a funeral home in Hatboro Pa that uses a 59 Eureka upon request.
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Never be in a hurry to go to the undertaker or the grave.   Might as well ride in style!
Not many homes for old hearses.  Used once a year on halloween.  They were "chic" in the '60s hippie movement, one of the school mates had a '59. 
Can pile a bunch of teens in one and cruise.


He paid $45,000 for it, then had to spend another $20,000 repainting and restoring it?     

I remember it wasn't too long ago you could buy them for $500 for a used one, to $6000 or $7000 for a mint restored one.

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

Even at $65,000 all in, it's still less than most brand new hearses. Would almost definitely be worth more after 5 - 10 years if it's kept nice. 
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J. Skelly

The Globe wants you to sign up or provide your email address to read the story.  :(
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Hi Jim. That happened to me as well when I went to look at it, so I gave up. I decided to try it again a day later and it worked with no prompting to sign up with the Globe. So you may wish to try it again and see what happens. Clay/Lexi

James Landi

It's great to know that these decades old machines still provide terrific service.  I suspect there's someone local who keeps wonderful machines running and reliable.  They are so simple in design when compared to contemporary computer complexities that can plague far newer cars.      Thanks for posting.  James

J. Skelly

thanks, Clay!

I tried again ... great article
Jim Skelly, CLC #15958
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What a beauty.  Takes me back.  We had a 1961 flower car.  I loved the lines on that car.  When my aunt passed away a few years ago, the hearse had "mag" wheels, as they all do now.  I asked why would one need racing wheels on a hearse?  The poor funeral director didn't know what to say.  I say, rent a classic Cadillac hearse.
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My in-laws, former CLC members, each rode in style recently.     

Janowiak Funeral Home, Ypsilanti MI   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmGjXCIqqYE

Yes, the coach is stored for winter; not driven in the crappy winter weather. 


Swanson Funeral Home in Detroit has their 1940 carved panel LaSalle hearse used for both Aretha and Rosa Parks. 

And a flower car.


Don't bury me when I die, throw my body in the back, drive me to the junkyard in my Cadillac!
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James Landi

I keep my father's ashes in the trunk of my Cadillac.  He loved his Cadillacs and loved to travel in them, so, there he is, still close by, and enjoying the ride, and I, enjoying his company.  I suspect at some point, my wife or children will need to put both of us "to rest" somewhere.  Not certain I'd want to wind up in the junk yard though.  Happy day, James


If I manage to choke and croak during good weather, I'd be interested in doing that.  Then Morelands can used mine for the 2nd car in line, since they had these new.

I mean this looks pretty funerally to me except that I'd really need the steelies, hubcaps and triple whites to pull it off


Scott are those '50s chrome Sabre rims? They look great on your car. Clay/Lexi


Thanks, and yes, 57 / 58 Sabre wheels.  I'm going to get them redone at some point, but for now they stay. 

Wheels may have been on the car since new.  I worked in a dealer parts department in the early to mid 60s and we could still get those new from GM just as you can just about any part for 8 - 10 years.  We had a few people order them for their then new mid-60s Cadillacs to be installed at the time of delivery.


I did not know that Sabres were still available to order in the mid-sixties. Very interesting. They suit your car though. If it were mine I would probably leave them, funeral and all. LOL. Clay/Lexi

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

Was common for Cadillac to maintain parts availability for model years up to 15 years old and many parts were still available long after.

As late as 1978, the dealer would have still replaced the power trunk mechanism on a '59 conv owned by someone I know. This was discovered during the Pitman arm replacement that '59 Cadillacs were recalled for at the time.  But being the dumb cheapskate schmuck that he his, he declined to have it done and it remains inoperable to this day. And it would've cost a fraction of the price with none of the hassle it would involve today.  ::)
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Now that I think about it, we used to have a law (or policy) up here that said auto manufacturers had to maintain replacement parts availability for 10 years. Not sure if that was strictly enforced. Yes, the dreaded '59 Pitman arm. At least he got that taken care of. Clay/Lexi