1965 rear bumper alignment

Started by chris1932rdstr, April 03, 2021, 10:51:39 AM

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Hi all. New member with my first Cadillac. I am working on a 1965 Coupe DeVille, I purchased someone else's abandoned project and it was missing quite a few important trim and bumper parts. I obtained a complete front and rear bumper and constructed the best front and rear out the parts I had and "here's my first mistake" before test fitting them I sent them to Librandi Plating to be re chromed. They look absolutely gorgeous, Librandi as always did an outstanding job. But..... The rear bumper fit is horrendous.

I'm thinking the only solution at this point is to disassemble the bumper and put the corners on first, get them to fit, and then possibly press or bend the center until it fits without messing with the ends? Am I on the right track? Has anyone else had this issue?

I can post some pictures once i figure out how.

Thanks in advance


harvey b

As a rule you assemble the bumper,snug up the bolts and brackets,then test fit it.if it is not real tight it is easier to "mold" into shape?.Are you sure you have the correct brackets and even the right bumper,?.Im sure others will be more help,pictures are great too. Harveyb
Harvey Bowness


Here are some photos. I know the entire bumper is low but the width is what

Chuck Swanson

welcome to forum.  If you try to bend the metal after chrome plating, it most likely will ruin the chrome.   There are two metal spacers that go on each end, connected to the center, but that won't help if they both stick out on each side.   It could be the car, but more common is the bumper you had was hit, maybe just the center.  Ideally you get a spare bumper and test to see which part is possibly bent.  It will also rule out the car.  Hard to tell in the pictures as can only see the ends sticking out.  I have a few spares to test, but I am in Syracuse NY.

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Roger Zimmermann

By looking at the second picture, obviously something is not correct between the bumper and bumper end: there is a gap; there must be none. The bumper end should be bolted directly to the central part.
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