1993 cadillac fleetwood dash pad

Started by Jessie, November 23, 2021, 12:40:00 PM

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 does anyone know where to get a 1993-96  cadillac fleetwood blue dash pad or can these be recovered all i see have cracks thank you.
Cadillac got me!!!


I dont see why they couldn't be recovered, just need the right vinyl material

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In 1999 I had a '93 Fleetwood that the dash cracked. Since it's almost completely flat, I was able to find some upholstery vinyl at a local craft store and I removed the dash and recovered it with that. To get the color match, I had some dye mixed in the correct color at my local automotive paint store (SEM brand dye) and then dyed the panel the correct color after the new upholstery was done. Alternatively, you could send it to some place like Just Dashes and have them remold it. They are pricey, but they seem to do good work.