1968 deville side trim pieces

Started by Triesch, October 18, 2021, 03:07:59 PM

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Anyone know where to find the chrome side trim on a deville convertible 1968? The piece goes along the entire length of the car from the front fender through the rear quarter panel. I found some original replacement parts but they are going for crazy prices on eBay. Like $2300 for a complete 6 piece set. Has anyone found any other replacement options? So far all I've found is cheap looking chrome stick on. The factory holes where the trim goes was filled and painted by the PO so something glued, stuck on would probably work best. Curious if anyone has run across this or had some trim pieces fabricated (they are very basic)


Still looking, if anyone sees a coupe deville or convertible 67-68 parts car parts car, please let me know.

Roger Zimmermann

Unfortunately for us both, I have '68 side moldings for a 4 door model...The ones for the front fenders are sold since many years.
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Have you checked the Cadillac only type wrecking yards - Caddy Daddy, Honest John's, etc.?
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I ended up finding a good resource of Cadillac wrecking yards and parts sellers at:



I found a set (all six pieces) and I am very happy as I was getting to the point I was trying to find sellers who were parting out cars which I wasn't having any luck with.


Hey folks, I got my side trim and I am very excited to shine these up and give to my painter to install after new arctic blue paint is on the car. I've run into an issue with the clips- does anyone know the correct size for these side moldings? They vary in width from the rear to the front and would seems to use different sizes. I called around and caddydaddy does not know which clips to use and that in the parts master book the clips aren't labeled. I called another Cadillac wrecker and again no luck. Eldorado George on eBay has them but wants $200 for a set of clips but does not have listed.

Anyone know which clips they are and what size? 


If your painter hasn't applied the paint yet...STOP!! You're going to need to drill a lot of holes! If its painted already it will become a very tedious task to install the mouldings. Take the mouldings to your painter's favorite body supply store...they'll (at least they should) know exactly what you need.



Good to know thanks for the tips! The body holes are still there, may be a little plugged with old paint seeping into the holes, but I didn't think they would be difficult to install.  are you saying they will be tight because of the new paint?