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Re: No Oil Pressure on My Flathead
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I’m back from two weeks in California visiting our daughter and our grandchildren. I spent a lot of time thinking about my oil pressure or lack thereof and considering worse case scenarios. A worse case scenario would be drop the pan on the new engine in the car, drop the pan on the old engine sitting on the garage floor, and then swapping the old oil pump for the new one.

I have some good news. I pulled the distributor and used a tool I made to turn the pump with an electric drill. Someone said it would make a mess if I didn’t block the hole that allows oil to feed the distributor. They were right, but I  liked the mess because it means the pump worked.

I noticed when I looked at the slot the distributor driven shaft fits into that it appears “roughed up” I think someone was right when they said it wasn’t fully seated, and I just couldn’t see that.

I’m going to be more careful about installing the distributor this time and see what I get for oil pressure. Thanks to you all for your advice and stay tuned.


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