1942 V8 346 Engine Rebuild

Started by LCross, November 24, 2021, 02:03:36 PM

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I have a 1942 346 Engine I want to get rebuilt. I live in Arizona and and looking for a shop not to far from here any suggestions?


I hope someone here can give you at good machine shop close to you. I just finished assembly on my 322 and fired it yesterday. You mostly want someone good on these engines or older engines. My machine shop had never done one of these flat engine. But, he did a lot of high end 20's and 30's engines.   
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Yes, any shop you use will need the engine specs. The extra cost on my engine was doing the valve clearance. You have to have between 30 and 70 thousands. with the lifter collapsed. In the manual it tells you to use a 3" tool and measure from the back of the cam to the valve stem. I discussed this with my engine builder. The question was. How do we know, if all of our new parts are to factory specs. We also cut down on the valve seats. I made the decision to install the lifters in the blocks and set the clearance on every valve at 40 thousand. In the end I think it was money well spent. I took an active part in this rebuild. I disassembled the engine. I took measurements of my rods, crank, block. My unknown was number 8 cylinder. The piston had broke and scared that cylinder. After all the machine work. I did the reassembly of the engine. I hope this helps you out. 
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...I cannot help as I live in Missouri.  However I would caution you to be very careful.  Those who really know and understand these engines are few and far between.  The rebuild on my 346 was done by a shop, 700 miles away, which claimed a long history of overhauling such engines.

After 11 months and a $12,740.00 overhaul charge.....I had to pay another "actual expert" $2,700.00..... $1,800.00 labor and $900.00 for a new set of lifters(Terril Machine) to make the engine right.  The gentleman who corrected the errors knows these engines inside and out, having personally rebuilt 26 of them.  He reluctantly helped me out as a personal favor.  Unfortunately he will not accept any other projects.

Someone, somewhere will do a fine job on your engine.  Just be very careful and have a fat checkbook. Best wishes.

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I can't agree with you more. You will not be able to just take it to any shop. I searched for a year and only found four machine shops in Texas. They were all a year out. I settled on Glens Machine. And when you find a shop. If they don't have awaiting list I would think twice. I don't know of any good machine shop that is not backed up. we are not trying to scare you away. We are just trying to help you make a wise decision.
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Quote from: LCross on November 24, 2021, 02:03:36 PM
I have a 1942 346 Engine I want to get rebuilt. I live in Arizona and and looking for a shop not to far from here any suggestions?
I can send you a comprehensive instruction sheet on rebuilding the 322/346 engines. It's a Word file and was compiled from several sources and my own experience. Message me with an email address. Can't help with a rebuild shop unless you want to come to Michigan or Ohio.


Everyone has given good advice here. I would shop around for a person or shop that has rebuilt a 322 or 346 and has experience with them. First and foremost I would have it tanked and then checked for cracks before you start putting money into it. Then if all good clean out the block yourself with a pressure washer and go down every hole along the lower block and keep cleaning until you hit solid metal with a rod. I guarantee you will get a cup of crud out:-) I would also mention that you should look into the radiator. A good many folks rebuild the engines and then they run hot because the radiator is not allowing the proper flow regardless of whether the shutters are tied open.
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 Google Walts Workbench. The guy is / was a wizard with these engines. I followed him to the letter when I did mine and it purrs.   Tim


I did my 47 346 about 10 years ago used Morrison Machine in Glendale, AZ for just getting the block magnafluxed then deck all the surfaces and they assemled the short block for me. I still installed all the lifters and valves myself then reassembled the rest. They did an excellent job. I did not find it that challenging to reassemble. i used parts from Terrils in Texas good quality stuff. Hope this helps.



That is what I did. I had a machine shop do all the work. Then I assembled the entire engine myself. I also purchased all my parts through Terrell Machine. Great people with good parts and service. They also rebuild fuel pumps and vacuum advances.
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