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Is it just me???

Started by Jon S, November 25, 2021, 09:20:38 AM

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Jon S

I'm finding more and more technical questions appearing in the General Discussion section.

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Nope, not just you noticing that

Jay Friedman

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Abe Lugo

Maybe Technical/authenticity should be tech help/authenticity
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TJ Hopland

It seems to go in cycles as does the 'enforcement'.    Maybe if the enforcement was more consistent people would notice that there is a difference.

How about what is often called teaser topics?   That is where the subject / topic does not even give you the slightest clue what its about.   At least 'brake problem' narrows it down to maybe something to do with brakes.    'Brakes pulling on a 77 CDV' would be even better. 
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The Tassie Devil(le)

Whenever a topic appears in an incorrect location, the Moderators try in every instance to move the subject to the most appropriate Forum.

BUT, in some cases, even though a subject may appear to be a technical item, it may be such a general issue that even though it might appear to be technical, the way it is written by the original Postor, it could appear in both Forums.

And another BUT, as the Moderators are not online all the time, sometimes it takes a bit of time to notice the offending ones, and when looking at all the Forums, it will be noticed that a lot of Messages get moved from pillar to post, so to speak.

Don't forget that also, when a person brings up an old post, which happens a lot after a "Search", as in a For Sale or Wanted to Buy, be it cars or parts, these old posts were correctly positioned before the separation of Cars and Parts took place, and eventually, these get seen to, and moved to their correct location.

Trust this helps.

Bruce. >:D
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Abe Lugo

One thing that does happen is too much tech questions and small project starting in the restoration sub forum. 
It's also kind odd how that particular forum runs.  Maybe a "how to" should be included as a sticky.  I have had to tell members how or what goes there in the past.  I too did the same.  But since my car is not going full resto I decided against a thread. 
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71 Fleetwood

What do you prefer to read under the General heading?

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Jon S

Anything non-technical e.g. trips, funny road stories, member gatherings, etc.

1958 Cadillac Sedan De Ville
1973 Lincoln Continental Coupe
1981 Corvette
2004 Mustang GT


Conversations & observations, discussions similar to the one about Mr Fares, club events, new acquisitions, etc

71 Fleetwood

Jon, I can respect that as you have two thousand, four hundred and twenty seven more posts than I have on this site.  Essentially, as a newbie it's my place to show a deferential and respectful attitude.  So I try.

I follow other brands, I'm sure most of us own a variety of cars.  In my case, I follow vintage Mustangs, vintage Corvettes, classic Chevy trucks, and current RAM trucks as I own these and enjoy interacting with other owners.  In addition, I follow my other interests as we all do.

This is the only site that scolds. C'est La Vie, it is how we seem to deal with one another here and I am grateful to read it in order to prepare my classic Cadillac for the big, bad world.  I don't care if it's General, Technical, etc. I read them all.
1971 Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham


I 'try' an offer informative subject line as a courtesy to those that might chose to skip opening it.
Then there are complaints of too long of subject line🤦🏻‍♂️.
All said, I personally decide from subject line my continued interest.
This particular subject line was rather vague.
I just don't let the categorization distract me too much.