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What happened to Charles Fares? (Cadillac Fleetwood)

Started by 64\/54Cadillacking, November 27, 2021, 10:32:58 PM

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Cape Cod Fleetwood

Oh no... Oh my God no...

He helped me so much... He always spoke so lovingly of "Great White" and "The Ark"...
He sold me such wonderful parts so reasonably, and gave me more... He knew so much about these cars,
he was always willing to help.

This can't be happening...
There are 2 kinds of cars in the world, Cadillac and everything else....

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RIP.  Never got to meet him in person.  I wish I had.


I appreciate all the warm comments, Charles definitely touched a lot of you here and treated each of you like a close pal although you might have never met in person. He would tell me he spoke over the phone with many of you here. He loved to talk for hours, even if he was tired from work, he would still make the time to answer questions and give advice.

I found a couple of pictures that I took of his 72 Lincoln Continental earlier this year, I know it's not a Cadillac but it's the only pictures I have of him. In one of the pictures you can sort of see him in the drivers seat.

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I bought an Eldorado rear window defogger system from him a couple of years ago.

I joked about just installing the switch and the grill and that would be enough to do the 'install'....

He then told a story about how he had a friend that did that with a rare heated seat option on a cadillac. He told the guy he was impressed that he installed the system including the seats and that it looked great.

That's when the guy told him he just installed the switch!
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This is just so sad.
Charles was always very giving with his time and he had the best parts and his knowledge was amazing. I hope his collection of parts goes to someone that knows what they have because his stuff was always great.
Rest In Peace Charles.
Brian Rachlin
Huntingdon Valley, Pa
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I prefer email's not PM's

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rwchatham CLC 21892

He was always a pleasure to deal with , just goes to show all the blood sweat and tears we put into these cars at the end of the road they really wont matter  .  Rip Charles
R. Waligora


Quote from: rwchatham CLC 21892 on November 29, 2021, 01:52:22 PMat the end of the road they really wont matter  .  Rip Charles

How true.  The entire human species is just a blip.  Take a deep look at the night sky . . . and say hello to Charles and other dear friends and relatives that have moved on.

Big Fins

When I read this early this morning, I just clicked the red X. I didn't want to read any more. I couldn't. The many hours that we talked. The thousands in parts that I bought from him. All first rate items. He even sent me a few things because he was so excited that I bought the '69 Fleetwood.

I never met the man, the legend, that is Charles. May you rest in peace, Sir. You suffered no pain, (that you spoke of) the only way to go.
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Wow, this is very upsetting.

I would occasionally call Charles if I needed a part or just to talk cars. This is so sad, a real asset to everyone on the forum and the CLC.

He was very knowledgeable about many cars not just Cadillac. Also very willing to give you his time to talk.
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J. Skelly

I, too, was hoping that Charles was just away on a vacation.  I have bought parts off of him a few times, but never spoke in person.  He was extremely knowledgeable, and wrote excellent, detailed and lengthy emails.  He would have made a great author.  Condolences from all of us to his family members.
Jim Skelly, CLC #15958
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The Cadillac community has lost a great asset.  My dealings with him always left me feeling like I was treated as one of the family.  Very sorry to hear this news.
Geoff N.
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Condolences to all his friends and his family on the sudden loss.   

I got a cold chill when I saw the first enquiry.   I guess we think the worst as we age?
I get a wake up call every time people younger than I pass away.   My sister(older) was talking to her friend at 9 in the AM one day this summer and by 11 another friend called and said she went to see her and found her dead sitting on a bench in her own yard.   So it happens more often than we think.   One does not know the hour or the day.
All I can add is, learn the lesson, get your affairs in order, no matter what your age, you don't want to leave a mess like the recent auction on your relatives.   Good idea to put catalog or stickers on and write the value on parts, etc. so they have some idea for sale.


Quote from: fishnjim on November 29, 2021, 08:22:24 PM

All I can add is, learn the lesson, get your affairs in order, no matter what your age, you don't want to leave a mess like the recent auction on your relatives.   

Good idea to put catalog or stickers on and write the value on parts, etc. so they have some idea for sale.

For parts & other items, leave a description of what it is and/or what it fits too.   

79 Eldorado

Quote from: Carfreak on November 29, 2021, 09:43:35 PM
For parts & other items, leave a description of what it is and/or what it fits too.   
The point Carfreak made is even more important based on what I've learned here about Charles, but not due to monetary value. Someone who cared as much as Charles obviously did was probably thinking more about making certain parts would get to the people who needed them and if he was leaving others, family, with a mess to sort out more than he was thinking about himself or the value.

We never know and all of us would hate to leave the people who care the most, and always step-up, to have to sort through everything. I'm certainly guilty of thinking there's plenty of time and I certainly could be a lot more organized to make the job easier when it eventually happens.


Bill Balkie 24172

Hello ,
   I am so sorry to hear the news about Charles . The last time we talked on the phone was late October . The day i posted pictures of my  70 Coupe Deville  he noticed that the map light had a broken louver . He wrote me the same day and introduced himself to me and told me he was putting a perfect map light louver  in the mail as a   welcome gift  from a fellow 1970 cadillac owner . Every time we talked on the phone about  a topic regarding a particular  part or a assembly or disassembly  he would detail down to the color of the wire or shape of the clip or length of the screw or fastener . I was always fascinated by his vocabulary and the way he painted a picture just with his way with words .I also purchased parts from Charles and the parts were always labeled and pack perfectly . Although  I never met Charles in person he always made me felt like we were friends  for many years .Many times he would write to me or call me when i would post on the forum . He would tell me of his many visits to the junk yard over the years knowing that the 69 and 70 Cadillac parts would be worth a lot of money some day and was was right . Charles was a real Gentleman and i will miss him very much . What a voice and a way with words he had .

     R I P Charles ,

             Bill Balkie

Bill Balkie
1970 Coupe DeVille
2009 CTS