Shutter Thermostat

Started by jwaldrich, December 03, 2021, 04:39:55 PM

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Is the shutter thermostat adjustable?

My 1940 LaSalle, with a new and operational thermostat, opens the shutter WELL before the car is warmed up causing it to run cool all the time.
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I think there is a little adjustment were the thermostat connects to the shutter. Mine pretty much stay open. I know in cold weather both of my heaters work. And work well. Now I will see how much that may have changed. Since I have rebuilt the engine and record the radiator.
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Have a new radiator and shutter thermostat. Heat reader shows varying temps all over the engine compartment. Thinking my sending unit is bad (although new) and my heaters and defroster all have plugged coils.
Life is tough but it's tougher when you are stupid.

Tom Boehm

Yes the shutters are adjustable. The length of the linkage rods are adjusted so the shutters open at the right time. It tells how to do it in the shop manual. Do you have a service manual for 1940 Cadillac and Lasalle?

Tom Boehm

If you had the book you would have looked it up yourself. This is quoted directly from the 1940 shop manual:

Adjustment of thermostat shutters

1. Make sure cooling system is cold. (below thermostat opening temperature)
2. Disconnect thermostat lever from shutter control rod.
3. Lengthen adjustable end of control rod until eye of rod is 1/16" past hole in thermostat lever, thus putting an initial pressure on the shutters tending to hold them closed.
4. Force eye of control rod into line with thermostat lever, by pushing rod to right, and install clevis pin.