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Started by 1949, December 01, 2021, 01:54:18 PM

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I am finally installing a new interior in my 1949 Series 62 Club Coupe.
Just finished with the new headliner; I have had all seats redone as original.
The door panels are still very nice as are the carpets.
I am STILL looking for 3 (THREE) " Floor Carpet Retainer Clips" that hold the front
carpet to the firewall. (pictures attached).
I have contacted all of people that were referred to me (most with no reply).
The Cadillac Part No. is 455 9225.  I am quite sure that these were used in GM cars
from 1946 to at least 1951.
Somewhere there must be a parts car that still has these.
Any help appreciated.

Jay Friedman

Try Joe Cutler 49caddymanemail addresses not permitted  He sold most of his 49 parts to a friend in Massachusetts whose name, address, etc. I forget.  If you contact Joe he may be able to put you in touch with his friend.

Failing that, try John Gately who is in the CLC directory in Mass.  He has many parts cars.
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David King (kz78hy)

The number you list as part number is the group number, the actual part number will be shown under the group number in the master parts list.
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Thank you  ...
  The part number is    455 9225


Maybe bend some out of the proper sized music wire?



Wayne Johnson

I would improvise with curtain rod hooks. I think that you will find that they would work. The older style hooks that have a sharp end that goes into the curtain and the other end that sits on the rod.


Wayne's idea inspired me to come up with this;
Get some mechanics wire and duplicate the shape.
Being wire it shouldn't be too hard to harden them using a propane torch and quenching in water.
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