Brake booster for 1947 Cadillac

Started by isuras2, December 05, 2021, 09:11:17 PM

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Are the stock brakes good in a 1947 Cadillac?  Or if not, is there a retro fit brake booster that can be installed in a 1947 Cadillac fleetwood 60 special? 
R. Swerczek
'47 Fleetwood Sixty Special


I guess the question is "are the brakes good enough for the way the cars drive around you today"
that answer is no.
Just try and maintain a safe distance for your vehicles stopping ability and there's (minimally)  a rice rocket instantly in that space.
Good news is you can add a power booster and dual system both hidden under the floor board.


Yes.  That's what I'm looking for.  Where would I find more information about the power booster and dual system?
R. Swerczek
'47 Fleetwood Sixty Special

Jay Friedman

For a dual master cylinder system, try Art Gardner who is in the CLC directory in Georgia.
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