This one was for Charles...

Started by Cape Cod Fleetwood, December 06, 2021, 01:06:17 AM

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Cape Cod Fleetwood

Couldn't get him out of my mind today. Final 'event' of the year for The Ark and me, (#25) was a Toys For Tots
cruise at "Attention To Detail" in Dennis with my other club, Cape Cod Cruisers. They had plenty of coffee and donuts
from 10am to noon, then "Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines". And we had a caravan (replete <a word I learned
from Charles> with blockers at intersections and rotaries. Mike used his freshly purchased 2 year old McLaren to block at
one of the rotaries, I almost had a stroke) from the shop to the "Stuff A Bus" at the Cape Cod Mall (maul). We brought in
537 toys and $360 in cash. Very proud of my club. I'm sure Charles is proud of us too. <sigh>...

Here's a video I did at the Stuff A Bus...

And a video of us leaving the shop for Hyannis, wait for it, I actually honk...

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