How do you attach the chrome trim to 1960 62 series

Started by ducbot, December 11, 2021, 06:23:18 PM

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I was able to successful attached the trim to one side of the car, after installing the plastic clips, but I've been struggling to install the trim on the driver side. Thinking there has to be an easier way? Any tips?


Wrong clips; the original hardware used on 59 & 60 Cadillacs were metal. 

Those appear to be early 70s GM such as Olds Cutlass; are pop on style (snap the molding to the clips) but are probably too thick to work. 

You need clips that will slide inside the molding and snap into place in the original holes.  Believe both ends had a nut retainer T-style which holds the molding in place from sliding. 

The clips should be available from Restoration Specialties or perhaps even a local Painter Supply store.


Yeah I figured as much. Current car had those clips on so I tried to replicate. Also was trying to avoid taking the panel off but I think I'll have to go with t bolts.


The trickiest parts of removing the door panel are making sure you find all of the screws and that dang u-clip for the door handle. Look on YouTube to see how to get it off with a shop rag if you don't have the tool.

The clips, except on the end, didn't have nuts but you could probably use the ones you  found instead of the push type.