Differences in dash instrument bezels

Started by Bob Hoffmann CLC#96, December 09, 2021, 09:04:23 PM

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Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

What is the difference between a 69 Deville  & a 70 Calais instrument bezel?
Thanks, Bob
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Alan Harris CLC#1513

I had a 1969 DeVille convertible and two 1970 commercial cars. The commercial chassis cars used what looked like the same dash as the 1970 Calais. If I remember correctly, the 1969 DeVille dash had a thin horizontal wood strip running the width of the panel under the instrument cluster. The 1970 Calais/commercial cars used the same panel but without the wood trim. The 1970 DeVille cars used a lot of fake wood on the dash panel.

I also recall that the 1969 gas gauge had a horizontal pointer and the 1970 pointer swung in a semi-circle from the right.

My 1973 MPB says that the 1970 Calais and Commercial cars used 1495160 and that the 1969 (all) cars used 3633519, so evidently they are not the same. The 1970 Calais dash could be used on 1970 DeVille and Fleetwood cars by adding the trim kit 3633482.

Confusing, but I would be willing to bet that they are interchangeable.


There was very little wood grain on the dash of a 1969 Cadillac deVille and Fleetwood.  Just the strip across the middle.   See photos below.   The Calais had no wood grain trim in 69 or 70.  Oddly the headlamp and radio knobs had wood grain trim even on the Calais series cars.

The 1970 Calais had no wood grain on the bezel, just the headlamp and radio knobs.   See photos below.


The 70 deVille/Fleetwood bezel was the reverse of the 69 deVille/Fleetwood bezel with its wood grain.
A huge improvement.   I never understood why Cadillac used all that black plastic on the dash of the 69s.

If I owned a 69 Cadillac I would probably swap on a 70 Fleetwood dash bezel.  Saving the 69 bezel for CLC judging.