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2022 Grand National June 21-25 2022


Join your CLC family and friends for a "Fintastic time" in Chicago at the 2022 Grand National.  Registration can be done on the CLC website.  We also have a new GN website which contains more details, and all the latest news and updates.  Check it out at

I see that Glenn addressed the GN in his monthly column in the Self Starter and one of my associates sent me the following message after reading Glenn's column. Just and FYI

"The club should make an effort to point out that the Grand National is Lombard Illinois and not Chicago far from trouble spots. While crime is up everywhere, Lombard is in Du Page County which has a very low crime rate and for now still prosecute criminals, so the thugs stay away for the most part. As I a life long resident, I would just not leave Du Page County and stay way from Cook County and Chicago. In 2021 Chicago had 1,000 homosides, Du Page County had 10. The Cadillac Club should have called this event the Cadillac LaSalle Club Grand National at Lombard Illinois so that attendees from other parts of the county would know it was not in Chicago."

You are partially correct.  The host hotel is in Lombard, IL which is a western suburb of Chicago.  It is a very nice and safe area.  It is far away from the stories that you hear on the news.  With that said, many of the tours are in Chicago; architectural riverboat tour, gangster tour, Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage, etc.  However, we do need to stress that these are all taken as a group on tour buses.  No one needs to drive themselves into Chicago.  A tour bus is a very safe way to get into the city as most all crime is committed against individuals, not groups.  Therefore, please do not worry about safety.  This GN will be just as safe as all the other GN's that have been previously held.  The West of the Lake Region would not plan anything that we did not feel would be safe for our fellow CLC members.

Please be aware that we have been updating the GN website on a regular basis as new information becomes available.  Therefore, please check back often.  We have tried to keep it both informative and entertaining for everyone.


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