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Started by FINZ Editor New Zealand, June 27, 2022, 12:42:53 AM

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FINZ Editor New Zealand

Greetings from The Cadillac La Salle Club of New Zealand (Inc.)

Hello everyone. Find attached is your latest FINZ Magazine for: JULY 2022

Important note:  The format of this month's issue has changed in that details of our 49th and 50th NZ Cadillac Nationals are 'pasted' within the magazine. This is due to a report that some members are not able to read attachments. IF you have difficulty in opening an attachment (which is in the same PDF format as the e-magazine) then let me know and I will see if I can help you. There are TWO attachments this month: 1) A copy of the latest FoMC (Federation of Motoring Clubs of NZ) newsletter (Our CLC NZ club is a member of this important old cars' organisation) and 2): An extra copy of the 'President/ Vice President Nomination page'. Read below, also.

In this month's issue:

•   At last, we have details of our 50th Golden Anniversary plans. They are fin-tastic. Grab your diaries now and 'book out' the time you need before and after Labour Weekend, 2023!
•   Check out and order a copy of the 50th Anniversary Club Calendar fund-raiser from Noeleen Souber. Great work Noeleen!
•   We have received two nominations so far and invite more for a new President and Vice President to lead 'the flock' into our 50th year. Nomination form is pasted within the magazine this month for you to scan and or photocopy or you can use the separate attachment.
•   Another Kiwi Cadillac cover!
•   Another part of Touring the USA in 1957!
•   Lots of fun items and catch-up news from around NZ and the globe
•   And as always, plenty of colour

As always, I'd love to receive your Cadillac adventure stories and photos together with a few words for publication. Email them to me at finzmagazineemail addresses not permitted If it is a particularly 'large MB shot' it has a greater chance of appearing on the front cover especially if it has character or a bit of flair. KIWI Caddies for consideration for the front cover. Email me yours now!

Until next issue, stay Covid and Omicron-safe out there!
Yours sincerely
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