Cadillac Fall Festival

Started by Carfreak, September 19, 2022, 12:39:55 PM

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If you are planning to attend the Cadillac Fall Festival this week, the weather looks to be good but a bit cooler than last week. 

Temps will likely be in the mid 60s during the afternoon maybe 70 on Saturday and lows around 50 in the morning. 

We will be hosting the Annual Garage Sale again in the Service Bay of the CLC Museum Building. You can pay for your purchases by cash, credit card or check.  There have been many donations of items for the Garage Sale over the past year so there will be a lot to choose from. 

As always there are shop manuals, brochures, owner manuals, sales ads, trinkets, pins, glassware, Cadillac promo items and some parts.  I haven't seen the garage sale stuff for this year yet but we often have a few flags, signs and sometimes a Cadillac carpet. 

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Additionally, a recent donation has added a large cache of trim and skirts.


Will you have any jackets for sale?

Phil Terry  CLC# 15270


Not sure if any jackets have been donated.

Dave Leash can provide custom made jackets upon request. 

Approved GM, CLC & CLC MRC vendor.  I believe he will be at the Fall Festival.


Quote from: on September 19, 2022, 02:27:23 PMWill you have any jackets for sale?


Yes there are a few; two CLC MRC Black lined windbreakers, a lime green Patagonia with Cadillac logo, a funky silver/gray fire retardant racing(?) jacket.  Some hats, tshirts, etc.

I think this year we have more items for sale than any previous year.  'Something for everyone'. 


The Gilmore car museum. It's so wonderful.

I went to this on Saturday. It was a nice show I think. The weather was definitely a taste of Fall for Saturday. I wish I had been able to go Friday too.

People were really getting a hoot of riding in that Presidential limo. I kept stopping at the 1941 Cadillac , thinking about getting a ride. I never did, but should have.

The turnout was a little too light. People, if you can do it, go next year! The museums are top notch!

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Video produced by Gilmore showing some of the Fall Festival highlights:

If I can figure out how, will try to share videos of my ride in Le Monstre (once around the track Lars)

and touring the Gilmore grounds in the CLC MRC's one-family-owned-since-new 1906 Cadillac.  So cool.   8)