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Finding definitive and accurate specs for our original Cadillac parts

Started by dochawk, September 30, 2022, 09:28:19 PM

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While my current hair-pulling relates to a particular part, I've faced this a few times.

How can we find definitive and accurate specs and part numbers for our Cadillacs?

So far I've seen this come up in spark plugs on my former '02 Seville DHS (O'Reilley's computer had single platinum instead of double platinum, which apparently killed both ignition modules), the wrong brake rotors at (at least ) both Autozone and O'Reilleys for my '93 Fleetwood (apparently it got crossed with a different year FWD Fleetwood--the parts they showed for the '93 Fleetwood Brougham were the correct ones for the base Fleetwood), and now the thermostat temp for my '93.  There have been a couple more, but none as maddening and time/money wasting as these.

Napa, Autozone, O'Reilys/checker, and RockAuto all have offered me verifiably incorrect OEM information (rockauto comically had conflicting information with itself, depending upon which brand you believe).

In at least one case (the thermostat), the FSM doesn't even have a part number (assuming that there indeed is one separate from the assembly; here the FSM and eery supplier I've found are in conflict).

I would *think* that we could go on GM's websites *somewhere* and find, at the least, the original part number, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

So is there *any* way to get reliable information on what the car came with, so that we can at least go hunting for "compatible" parts to the discontinued OEM materials?
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Original Master Parts Lists are a good source of information for vintage cars. I don't know if auto makers still publish those in paper, but a mechanic told me that stuff is available now online. I think he said they use an electronic data base that they refer to as "Mitchell's". Mitchell offers a parts and labour data base that I believe is widely used in the industry. I believe that it is a subscription based service. There may be others. Perhaps someone who is in the automotive repair business can elaborate. Clay/Lexi

Roger Zimmermann

GM dealers can use parts books and shop manuals on line as long as they have the franchise. There is nothing more on paper.
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They still print manuals for all sorts of brands.  I usually buy one when I get a new car. I just found and ordered one for the tractor. 
The brands don't want you to have this info anymore.   They want the service business and not messing around with their software, etc.   Especially useful, if you want to remove a panel, part, or something and can't figure it out.  But each manufacturers detail level is different.  They usually lag a year or two, like shock absorbers, before they are available.  I also tend to hang on to vehicles rather than buy used so I have a good idea of what is needed after the first service.   I buy up old pre'84 parts catalogs etc so I can refer back, if needed.
Your local Cadillac dealer might have old parts on their systems, but each is different.  Anything post '84 is likely computer records.

I don't know if it's possible or how you correct independent companies databases, so you have to arm yourself with the right info before you buy.   Nothing new here, parts errors were common in the pre-computer paper days as well.  We had good store owners/clerks that new their craft and what went where because they dealt with it daily.  Not sure that's the case anymore with the iphone and ECM code crowd.  "Never heard of it" is a more likely response these daze..  I've seen a deterioration of parts availability in the last few years with the global situation, so not likely to get better.  They do inventory management by company wide computer software, so they know the slow movers and cancel them.  A while back, my local part store management turned over and were told to "clean up" their old stock, and I almost cried when I returned to nothing...

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This sight has been helpful for my '70 for years. Not *ALL* the parts are listed
but quite a few. I'd bookmark this page:

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oh, wow! 

I went hunting for gm, Cadillac and delco, and never found that one!

I tossed in my thermostat as a test case, and it gave me the elusive information that it is a 180, and shows a delco thermostat.

but apparently it is not exhaustive:  it also came up with a thermostat bypass hose clamp, and a thermostat seal, but not the thermostat housing in the FSM.  (but then again, maybe that's an engine piece and not a delco part).

but, again, wow! 

I've had multiple part hunts for which this could have saved a lot of time!

Actually, this is the kind of page that I thought *should* exist when I asked the question.

hawk, off to rethink the whole Santa Clause question now . . .
1972 Eldorado convertible,  1997 Eldorado ETC (now awaiting parts swap from '95 donor), 1993 Fleetwood but no 1926 (yet)