To everyone concerned about the Membership Directory

Started by sbartelski, October 07, 2022, 10:59:33 AM

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I have read your concerns and comments and feel your pain and frustrations. The decision made by the Board of Directors was not taken lightly. Due to supply chain issues, paper shortages and increased pricing, increased postage, and overall production costs, The Board made this painful decision.
Our Club is like all of us facing the drastic issues with operating expenses overshadowing any income. Unfortunately, dues income as well as advertising income has drastically declined over the past year. All expenses for the operation of our Club are being analyzed to ensure continued operations. I have shared your concerns and comments with The Executive Committee for review. Hopefully, in thenext week or two, a resolution can be shared.

I am asking everyone to please be patient while your concerns are being considered.

Ronnie Hux
Stefan Bartelski

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Thank you Ronnie for your immediate response on this matter.
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