Generator Issues

Started by jwaldrich, October 08, 2022, 03:35:10 PM

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My 1940 LaSalle has a new generator and new voltage regulator. On a test bench, as a pair, they work as advertised. Put them in the car and I get about 1 volt out.

I've patched in another gauge but same story... not working.

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What do you mean you've got about 1 volt out? Did you actually test is with a multimeter, straight after the regulator? If exactly the same setup was tested good on the bench, was installed together and the wiring was not messed-up, it is generally expected to work, unless it is a really bad coincident...
Do you see any changes in if you increase the RPMs?
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Does this have an amp meter?  If so those in general seem to often cause problems and would be one thing different than your bench setup.   
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