Technical Advisor 1924 Cadillacs

Started by Bryan J Moran, October 03, 2022, 03:09:36 PM

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Bryan J Moran

My last Membership Directory is 2018.  I don't see the obvious entry for technical advisors in there.

I just picked up following a 1924 Cadillac for sale on the AACA Cadillac section.  C Carl, who I believe was Carl Fielding out of Washington state was poised to purchase it, but I understand Mr. Fielding has passed away.

He was a big help on some other 1920's Cadillacs I was considering. 

Does anyone know the current technical advisor - if any - for early to mid 1920's Cadillacs?  Or guide me to the page number in the Directory where this information is listed?

Thank you,  Bryan 


Hi Bryan. The 2018 Directory lists Technical Advisors on pages 67 - 68. 1924 was not listed but there was a Technician noted for 1913, 1923 and 1929 Cadillac. The 2022 Directory which is the last of the paper published edition, does not list that same fellow, but notes 2 others (Paul Ayres) 1913 - 1914 and for 1929 (Jim Schild). They are listed on page 78. Nothing as close for 1924 as in your 2018 copy. Clay/Lexi

Chris Cummings


Something that you might try - contact other mid-1920s owners and ask them who they turn to for advice. Also, sometimes one of the owners of a particular year knows enough to be a technician, but either lacks the confidence to come forth as such, or has time constraints that get in the way.

Good luck.  Who knows?  Maybe some day you'll be the 1924 technical adviser.

Bryan J Moran

Thank you for the direction.  Not having technical directors for the 20's does not bode well for the future. But as you note Chris and Clay, probably a lot of knowledge out there, just not willing to commit to being an advisor.


1924 pretty impressive as first year for 4 wheel brakes and balanced engine.