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Started by Yann Saunders, CLC #12588, February 18, 2005, 02:01:49 PM

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Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Boy, I never heard such a bunch of moaners ...on both sides !

Move with the times, guys !  
Adapt to change !
Try it, youll probably see it takes you all of about 10 seconds !

All of you know that WHITE is a very light shade of BLACK, and that BLACK, in turn, is a very dark shade of WHITE, right ?

Well, GRAY is what lies in between.  And GRAY is the color of all the posts Ive been reading about the desire of some to change the Forum layout and the inability of others to COPE with it.

It saddens me for the future of humanity.

Porter 21919


The HT 4100 engine was a change, for the worse !


Porter (collapse the posts and dont read what you have no interest in)

Robert Koch 21150

"It saddens me for the future of humanity."
I stopped worrying about the future of humanity. Those that are destined to be the better people will be, regardless of the idiots, fools, whiners, naysayers and just plain ****s.
I like to sing Brians Song (Brian, as in Eric Idle) "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

JIM CLC # 15000

Lets face it. There are some that would b****h if they were hung with a velvet rope!
Good Luck, its simple just click on "view new post", Jim

densie 20352

  Dont be sad.  Were not gonna be here anyway.


Randall McGrew CLC # 17963

Sorry to be such a whinner.  Life is nothing but change....read Heraclitus....but change that is indiscrimminant is wasteful and unnecessary.  If posting an opinion is whinning, then mea culpa.  Thank God we still have the right to do so.