1939 Cadillac 60S rear spring hangers

Started by Rick Rinehart #18151, February 09, 2005, 07:50:58 PM

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Rick Rinehart #18151

Having trouble with screwing the threaded bushings into the rear springs.  They are strange threads that no one seems to have the equipment to clean up.  The inner threads are ok.  Its the outer ones that engage the threads on the spring that is the problem.  One local alignment shop said I should just force them in but Im reluctant to do that.  Suggestions?

John Washburn


Drop Walt Brewer a note at: wspm@msn.com.

I bet he can help you.

John Washburn
CLC #1067

PS, tell him I told you to send him a note. Saw him last night so am sure he is still with us.

JIM CLC # 15000

Rick, been there,done that, but it was a while ago.
Seems I remenber having to "just barely" start the threads on the hanger-bolt then start them into the spring.
If the threads are "bugged-up" on the out side, clean them up with a small "rat tail" file.
By all means, dont let your mech-a-nic force the threaded bushing in place.
It will go on properly.
Good Luck, Jim

JIM CLC # 15000

Rick,after thinking about your problem, I remenber that I had to remove the hanger bolt (looks like a flat-bottom "U" if held with the threaded portions upright).
Just barely start the threads of one bushing then the other,sometimes you have to try one then the other.
Once started, screw one in a little,then the second one.
Good Luck, Jim

Rick Rinehart #18151

Thanks for the advice guys.  I used a wire brush to clean out the rust and dirt from the bushings as best I could, greased them up and coaxed them in.  I agree, forcing them on is a bad idea.