Antenna Ball Question

Started by Ron Draper, February 18, 2005, 02:38:18 AM

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Ron Draper


My question concerns antenna balls.

This spefically aimed at 56 Caddy P/A.

Can these be bought?

If not, can anyone identify the threads used on the antenna rod?
It is a course thread but standard machine nuts will not thread correctly.

What can you do to prevent them from falling off or become loose or how to tighten them without messing everything up?



Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Ron,

If you are refering to the ball on the top of the aerial, then the best way to secure it is to use Loctite super retaining compound.

If it ever has to be removed, for repair, then it still can be.

Sorry I cant assist with the thread size, but, as you have found out, it is very fine.

If you need a replacement ball, I have one, but the freight from Tasmania might be prohibitive.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Robt.Vonheck via a drenched SanDiego Calif.

Hello Ron:   -Well what did you do with it, simply retrace the cars various places over the years, and voilla youre apt to find it!!  Actually, there exists a vast untapped nitch-market here for someone who would be willing to machine-up a bunch of these lilAntenna-balls in Stainless (make the ball 3/8"-diam so it is sure to make a statement like the "i" in cadillac) to fit the 40s-50s Cadillacs, as i just talked to a large CadillacParts-house and the guy said the one off his Caddie is missing too ---Ha!!   Have you tried: TARGET=_blank> [ 707/252-2339  in Napa, Calif.]; or Geo.McVey at: TARGET=_blank> [ 913/722-0707  in Kansas, i know he reproduces the rounded-nut that holds the Antenna-cyl. to the fender]... Please let us know how you fair in your quest...
~Bob vH

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Robert,

If those balls are so scarce, then maybe I should put mine on ebay, and then charge the freight costs to including myself fitting it.

That way it would be guaranteed to get to the purchaser, as if the packet was opened by Custome, it might be allowed to fall on the floor, and simply roll away.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

John Washburn CLC #1067


Was at a swap meet in Turlock California, years ago, (when Fred Baush, the Regional VP to the Western Region of the Club was still in his 50s, I of course was a child) with my trusty 56 Coupe DeVille. After the meet the ball on my antenna was gone, seems someone needed it more than me.

So I searched far and wide and finally found one at Hershey. So my suggestion is to head for you local swap meets or be prepared to buy the whole unit.

Ill take a look and see if I might have a spare.

John Washburn
CLC #1067
Elizabeth, Colorado


Correction:  Woops, its-- TARGET=_blank>   (not the given "caddyCaddy")... ~B.vH

JIM CLC # 15000

Ron, go to your local hardware store, the one that has the nuts and bolts and screws, and other odds and ends.
Buy a "ball-bearing" of the size that you think will look good, clamp it between two small boards, punch a mark on it and drill away.
Find out the thread size and "tap" the hole.(you will need a flat ended tap for this. Dont have one? they are harder to find. Take a pointey-one and cut off the end.
Install the ball with a two-part resin glue and keep it greased so sticky fingers cant remove it.
Good Luck, you can do it youself for less, Jim

Eric Maypother CLC #15104

How about putting one of those yellow smiley face antenna ball toppers on it? As long as you dont have a power antenna it will be just fine. You can get them for about $1 at wal-marts, $2 for the cowboy or cowgirl ones.
Eric :)

Steve Crum 20999

I had a ball on the top of the 30" whip antenna on one of my ElCaminos. Some wise guy bent the antenna way over and let it go. I ended up with a huge bullseye in the middle of my windshield and he ended up with a huge black ring around his right eye. After I put the new windshield in, I cut the ball off the antenna.

Ron Draper

I thank all for their kind and humours notes.

I will update on what ever I find out.

So far, the thread does not appear to match either a US or metric thread gage.