Author Topic: -a proper FREE Spell-checker for your ms/OutlookExpress-mail...  (Read 1417 times)

Robt.Vonheck -via SunDiego Calif.

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-dont know whats with that "i-spell"-program discussed a week ago here, could never get it to function so i dumped-it; --however, here is a quick&easy download for those of you using ms/OutlookExpress(the best of all E-mails, but in ms-XP the SpellChecker-feature is missing, thanks to the greedy-twit BillGate$ who wants you to buy it as an extra-fee );  --but this one is just as good and the price is right-- FREE!!  Once youve downloaded it via the installed desttop-icon, you will see a red/check-mark in your msOE-toolbar, and so when you go to send an E-mail you just left-click on the red-check and if all of your spelling is correct it will take just 1/2-second for it to so determine, but if youve a ****oo, then it offers you the correct word to substitute (just exactly like the pricie MS iteration)!   So here it is... ~Bob vH


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