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New World Order

Started by Porter 21919, March 25, 2005, 11:26:06 AM

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Porter 21919

The times are changing in the global world order of automobiles. TARGET=_blank>

Robt.Vonheck -via SunDiego Calif.

Porter:  -Wow, excellent insight into the warlike-politics of the automotive-industry, --thanks for a most interesting Link for our review my friend; -showing how the humans-world is in a constant state of flux, whereby in another centure America will become not what the public wants, but rather what the so-called wealthy-elite want!   Which is why they are allowing alians to annually flow across the  usa-borders by the tens of millions, -they know that we the sheeple are to busy distracted with mundane Sports for example to realize that we have been slowly taken-over without firing a shot!  --its the frog in the pot syndrome, by the time froggie realizes the water-temp is approaching boiling, --tis to late to move a muscle to jump out, and is thus trapped by its own  compalacency....!!!!
 ~Bob vH  

Porter 21919

Well said Robert, the plan was laid many years ago, it is all coming to fruition now. Many people sit hear and bemoan the down fall of our beloved Detroit Iron, better get used to it. We can still collect and restore the older Cadillacs of our choice, even still buy a new car named Cadillac with the old style emblems.


John Tozer #7946


I posted this note on another thread but it fits here too. What do you think about the comments made here? TARGET=_blank>



Porter 21919


There are too many players today, global over capacity of auto manufacturers ,seems like the old players lose market share and the new ones gain.

People like myself are still the loyal consumers and supporters of GM autos, the average American has more loyalty to Asian cars today.

GM is saddled with pensions and health care costs and at an extreme disadvantage, the good old glory days of the big three and Detroit iron was an era that I was fortunate enough to witness in my lifetime. Those days are long gone.

We dont manufacture toasters or TVs anymore, the auto is about all we have left, for now anyway.



-the oft venerated automotive-mogul John gullwing deLoren (who said:  "cocaine... thats like GM-Stock, -its good as gold!!") just passed-away after avowing he was going to bring out a new car to save America, --now all is indeed lost, am going to just go out here to the beach ----and walk into the ocean...   ~Bob vH

Porter 21919

When GM had the opportunity to move forward and lead the pack they let the bean counters take over.

John Z. Delorean said they have too many bean counters and not enough engineers. When they let the engineers design the cars GM set the standard of the world.

Zora Arkus Duntov and Bill Mitchell saved the Corvette from extinction, they lived for race cars, state of the art performance and styling, real car guys. You need the same mentality for luxury cars too.

Harley Earl had Henry Leland and Charles Kettering pave the engineering way for his over the top styling, Chrysler proved with the Airflow that functional styling will not sell cars.

At any rate GM with their perceived monopoly of the automotive world became fat and stupid, too big to fail. Their competitors copied what was good about GM and passed them by.

I have no doubt John Z. Delorean, one of GMs greatest engineers and car guys left them for these very same reasons, the writing was on the wall, they were doomed to fail eventually because of their corporate arrogance.

This was the Corvette they should have built back in the 70s to retain their standard of the world title, the Aerovette: TARGET=_blank>

No small wonder that a bean counter, Roger B. Smith lead GM down the path to ruin.



-youre spot-on as usual Porter, that 76-AeroVette was a brilliant embodiment, and only 2,200-lbs (1,000-lbs less than a 76/C3-vette)!!   --instead of getting fire-bombed by the mofia (or is that only for Ferrari copiers), some KitCar-entrepreneur should have instead copied that spiffie baby right down to the scratch-marks, and soldem like crazy (if generousMotors had a 14yr/Design-patent on the body-styling, -it is long expired, so is still a good reproduction specimen...  ~Bob vH  

Porter 21919

Still a timeless beauty after all these years, the last collaboration of Zora Duntov and Bill Mitchell. The men that made GM great, in spite of GM, always hindering their efforts and letting the bean counters run the corporation.

How do you sell lots of cars ? With the best engineers and stylists, the guys that love cars and have gasoline in their veins, they engineered and styled all the great cars that made all the money, in spite of the corporate bean counter idiots.

Lo and behold, after the Roger B. Smith bean counter / accountant CEO fiasco , GM has gone back to their roots, trying to let engineers and real car guys with gasoline in their veins create some great cars once again.

The Corvette has been the real GM flagship, the bean counters almost killed it off after a few years initially. If Cadillac is brought up to Corvette standards the battle has been won, world class value and performance. Maybe the new ones are.

We can only hope it is not too late.


Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Dont despair..theres still Malcolm Bricklin, the man who gave the world the Bricklin and North America the Yugo (including the 1000 of them which sat on the dock near my house for five years). His plan to save the world this time is a full line of marvelous machines from China (including a model that he says is just as good as the BMW 3 series for $15,000.00 less). He would be glad to sign you up for one of his $15,000,000.00 dealerships which he says are going to sell 250,000 Cherys the first year, 500,000 the second,750,000 the third and 1,000,000 the fourth. He may also be offering low-rate financing on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Michael Stamps 19507

Of course the first thing I noticed was the 425 trans and then my next thought was will a 500 fit in there.