Started by JIM CLC # 15000, March 21, 2005, 11:21:44 AM

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JIM CLC # 15000

All, just saw the tail end of a FOX NEWS Alert that there was an explosion and fire at a PORD assembly plant in MI. I think it was at DEARBORN.
First thing that came to mind was that a new FINTO had stopped too quickly and another had not.
Good Luck, Jim


Seems like explosions over there are a common occurence - I almost dont pay attention anymore except that living in the area you are bound to know someone who works there.  

Anyhow, in regards to Fintos, I remember a cartoon from the mid-1970s with the byline:  He was driving a Pinto with Firestone 500s and the Coroner is calling it SUICIDE.  

Rob Gerace #16100

Didnt someone sell a bumper sticker for the Pinto that said:  Hit me and we blow up together, or something like that?  

All said and done, I think I would take a Pinto over its rival, a Chevy Vega.


Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Talk about choosing between a rock and a hard place, but Id take the Pinto, too; water squirting out of engine blocks gives me nightmares. I had some friends who bought a new Vega wagon and that happened before they could drive from Texas to Florida. They saw steam coming out from under the hood and thought theyd burst a radiator hose.

Robert Koch 21150

I well remember a race in the early eighties between a Pinto and a Vega. The Vega was one of those hyper nuts Cosworth animals. The Pinto was a redneck homebrew. The Pinto had a 351 engine modified like the one in the De Tomaso Pantera. There was a stripe running down the side under the door that said "Pintera". Guess who won that one? Lots of smoke, no fires.

Tim Coy #11513

I used to work at a restaurant during college in the late 1970s. I remember a guy who put glass packs on his Pinto. Another guy dropped a V-8 in his Vega. I had one word for them. Why?