1991 Sedan De Ville at auction

Started by Robert Koch 21150, April 01, 2005, 07:04:30 PM

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Robert Koch 21150

There is an SDV up for auction Saturday as part of an estate. Can I get some notes on this car? Assuming it is spectacular, what is the upper price limit (actual value, I never pay that much!). What is likely to be wrong with this model? Is it a dog year? Ad says 35,000 miles, little old lady (yeah right!) but this auctioneer is not known for getting high price. Any options particulary desireable? Sounds like the digital dash is NOT a selling point.

Rob Bruining #12428

Ive had an 89 & 90. I had the digital dash in both and loved them. We had no issues with the digital. Ive heard the Bose radio is awesome. I had heard of people having a problem with the speakers (very expensive). The 4.9 is my favorite engine for brute power. Some of them will run on midgrade. Some color combinations are more desirable than others. I guess that is a matter of personal taste.    Rob