94 Fleetwood HVAC Question

Started by Herold Berthy, July 17, 2005, 02:12:33 PM

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Herold Berthy

Dont know if this is the proper forum, but -

My low-milesage Brougham has a second(?) fan up under the
dash which suddenly decided to keep on running, after the
engine (key) was shut off and even after the door was
opened - even after the Climate Control was switched to
"off" - and it showed "off".  Now I have to take the
pos terminal off the battery to keep from runing it down.

Anybody have this experience? Im not much of a mechanic,
but I do have common sense (argueable)- Ive tried both
fuses which seem to be labeled HVAC, to no avail.

Herold Berthy, Morgantown, WV (member - cant remember
number and my mags are elsewhere)

Porter 21919


You should post that in the tech forum but at any rate the only guy here that I know of that is knowledgeable of the later model Cadillacs is Mike Jones, a former Cadillac dealer mechanic. There are other forums dedicated to the newer Cadillacs, you can do a websearch and find them. Last but not least if you want to do your own troubleshooting and repair work get a shop manual.

Mike was just back from vacation and he had some puter problems which were just solved, if you want to get his attention use his name in the title of his post, he will share any info of late model Cadillac repair from his recent dealer days. If he doesnt have the answer dont expect anyone else to have it !