Anyone Know William C Scherer Products

Started by Ken Andersen # 21420, July 15, 2005, 10:11:24 AM

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Ken Andersen # 21420

Have received a listing of the reproduction parts that William produces for 1928 -1932 Cadillac & La Salles. Has anyone out there had any experiences with this gentleman and if so, could I have your thoughts on the quality of his work.
Would appreciate your feed back.

Porter 21919

All I can say is Im glad I have a 66 & a 67, would like a 50s Cadillac too, have enough problems restoring my newer 40 year old cars, parts are still obtainable.

Hopefully someone can give you an answer.


Ken Andersen # 21420

Thanks Porter. Yes it does become a problem, but thankfully after nearly 3 years of hunting around I dont hove too many parts still left to buy.