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Started by Dave MacGregor #18998, July 14, 2005, 01:11:46 AM

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Dave MacGregor #18998

I know were a Cadillac club, but daily Ive been driving by a relatively clean late 70s metallic brownish rust colored Buick Electra with very nice looking vinyl top in all original condition with very very minimal rust thats now been sitting for sale OUTSIDE by the road for Over A Year in town near where I live.  I literaly hurt everytime I see the her sitting bravely out in the elements 24/7, expecially when in the snow.  Her paint, though still somewhat shiney, is just beginning to dull and her whitewall tires are just beginning to show some streaking of white onto the black from weathering.  Its actually amazing how so far how shes holding up despite the neglect, but I know she wont last forever.  I stopped recently and looked at her once and found she does have a pretty good interior too!  I know nothing of the mechanics or otherwise of her.  From the looks of things shes probably never been started since she was moved from one side of the drive to the other and further back from the road several months ago.

I know realistically I cant provide a home for her.  Anyone interested???  I can find more details for you.  Shes sitting in Barnsboro, NJ 08080 on Main Street at Burger Fence.  I really hate to see her rot away for lack of being adopted by a new owner.


Sue #5125


You should consider posting your comments to the Buick Club forum at http://www.aaca.org. TARGET=_blank>www.aaca.org.  You would probably get better exposure to Buick afficionados at that site - someone who may be interested to save the old girl.

Picking up old cars is kind of like taking in a stray dog...  If you feed them they tend to stay around for a while.

Jack mayberry

Does it have a 455 WildCat?

Dave MacGregor #18998

I didnt talk to anyone, but Ill stop by and ask.


Hello Jack,

1976 was the last year for the Buick 455, although by that time, the engine was anemic in the performance area as was the all the other engines then including the Cadillac 500 and the Pontiac 455.

I believe the Wildcat designation for their big block engines was dropped when the 455 came out in 1970.  I think the 69 430 was the last Buick big block that awas called the "Wildcat".


Brian Laurance

Actually, David, some of the factory literature continues to list the engine as the "Wildcat 455" at least as late as the 1971 models.

David #19063


That is interesting.

I will check my documentation on my 71 Electra, the bill of sale from the dealer, and the 1971 Chasis Manual as well.


JIM CLC # 15000

I once owned a 67 WILDCAT, but, I think the assembly-line worker put the "W" on upsidedown. I also had a 69 Buick Special that would out-do the Mildcat in every way.
Good Luck, Jim

Brian Laurance

David, Im thinking specifically of the 1971 Buick Facts Book that was provided to Buick salesmen.  This makes specific reference to the Wildcat 455.

I still own the 71 Centurion coupe (with the 455) that my parents bought new.  Buicks 455 was an excellent engine.

Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Reminds me of the Ponitac I saw years ago.


What was the last year for production of the Buick Wildcat Convertible?


Richard Sills - CLC #936

1970.  The counterpart model produced from 1971 through 1973 was called the Centurion.