gold/chrome plating experts..??

Started by Jeff Gibson CLC #22264, July 19, 2005, 10:11:43 AM

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Jeff Gibson CLC #22264

I am looking to find a good gold/chrome plating "shop" for some of the pieces from my 56 sedan...  who have you all used..??   recommendations..????????     I am all ears....

Located in Lexington, Ky.....anyone near that area of the USA..?

Jack McClow CLC #15840

From two different sources Ive heard that a company located in Grafton, Ohio has an excellent reputation.  Its called Custom Chrome, and the website is

The owner is Jon Wright, and his assistant is Scott Wensel ...... Scott, Im told, is the one to discuss your project with as he may be more available than Jon ...... they both have been in the business for a long long time.

Custom Chrome offers three levels of finish ....... Ive seen the mid-grade and it looked perfect to me, and Ive been told the life expectancy of their work is excellent.

Rhino 21150 TARGET=_blank> I got my 1938 La Salle bumpers done here. Total bill including shipping was just under $700 for the pair. They are works of art.