Le Cabriolet Convert Cads77-80 Info

Started by robert m, July 20, 2005, 08:19:50 AM

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robert m

I have recently purchased a 79 Le Cabriolet Convert. I am attempting to list all the know cars left,photos, owners name and state, the colors options or special features, serial numbers, any original printed matter on these cars: brochure,original sales receipt or order, parts etc. Please send any info regarding these Hess and Eisenhardt cars to me at my email address Mad4cars@aol.com... Currently looking for proper wheel centers(same as Se Ville  Elegante wire wheels..

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

I still have the original manufacturers product folder for H&Es "Le Cabriolet" models. I believe there were three; they remained unchanged for the three production years (just the print date changes).

Robert M

Love to get copies of those.. Also to learn how many were made each year and in what colors etc. Im trying to put together a list of known cars now, and compile any additional information. Anyone have a contact with someone at Hess and Eisenhardt(I know they were taken over by another firm) ..Email me directly @ Mad4cars@aol.com

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Get back to me in the 2nd week of September. By that time I should be home in S. Carolina.  I may have a couple other H&E "Le Cabriolet" brochures/flyers in my collection.  I need to check.

There was an interview in the Self Starter with the late Bill Hess of Hess & Eisenhardt (a couple of years ago ?). He was a graduate of M.I.T. He designed also the Cadillac station wagons built by his firm in 1955 and 1956 under the supervision of GM and Cadillac.

I checked in the "Dream Cars" section of the Cadillac Database (1977-1980) and found these "Le Cabriolet" survivors:

One in Switzerland that I photographed in 1989, one in the Sarsota Museum of Cars and Music, one in the UK or Sweden (tag #EAB220W), one registered with the Cadillac Club of New Zealand (shown in their 2002 annual colour calendar - Wayne and Jeanne Pinion ?)

On March 20, 1999 enthusiast-owner Greg Taylor wrote: "I have a 1979 Hess & Eisenhardt Cadillac Cabriolet, white w/red leather interior ...59,000 miles. I cant find any information other than mine, that it is one of 100 built."

So far as I know there no official production records.

robert M

Yann.. As you probably guessed I do know something about all these cars.. in fact I have some info on the Station Wagons. I am trying to compile as much info on this era convert as I can> including a list of current owners and known cars,options original costs etc. When you are able lets chat and go over what you discovered..Thanks again email me directly at mad4cars@aol.com