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Started by Lucas F. CLC #15674, August 30, 2005, 08:33:17 PM

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Matt Harwood

Quote from: DeniseLike any manager, part of Bushs job is to get blamed for everything that goes wrong.  During a big crisis like this, when even the simplest facts are confused and distorted, a person who needs someone to blame is going to shoot for the top of the ladder, and the name that they know.  Some people need to make sacrifices to help the victims, some need to assess blame, others like me are willing to admit that we dont know the facts.


As Harry S. Truman said, "The buck stops here." I think the president should live by those words. W. doesnt seem to know what to do with the buck except to hand it to one of his rich buddies. If you want to take credit for the sunshine, you have to take the blame for the rain...

Things that are true and are his fault: engineers saw this coming years ago, and for the past 5 years have asked for federal assistance to reinforce the levees to survive a Cat 5 hurricane. They were summarily rejected as more money was appropriated to the war in Iraq. I doubt any of those folks in New Orleans were worried about terrorists when their houses were floating away. With a GOP controlled Congress and White House, theres nowhere else to put the blame for this chilling oversight.

This forum shows that we, as Americans, try to pull together whenever theres a crisis. Its a shame that it takes disaster to unite us and that its only temporary, but thats the way it is. Unfortunately, W. played some guitar, had some photo ops and made a speech about the supplies that were going to NOLA, but he did all of that at the wrong time and did nothing to comfort the American people. Instead, he pointed the finger and said, "nobody could have seen this coming." Unfortunately, people have seen this coming since his dad was president.

I certainly dont blame him for the disaster itself, but I dont think hes very good at interpreting warning signs and taking action before theres a problem.




  George Bush is in charge of appropriating money to repair levees?  I would have thought that would be Congress, but I dont know.

  What makes the war in Iraq any different from Bosnia, aside from that were not getting oil from Bosnia?

  What was it that Bush should have done while he was in LA/MS that he failed to do?

  As I said, I dont know all of the facts, but it seems that there there are a lot of fingers pointing at just one person.


Jeff Hansen, #4225

As sad and tragic as the hurricane aftermath is, lets get back to talking about cars, please!