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Author Topic: I cant stand cadillac used part vendors and they will not help me.  (Read 1055 times)

dale jackson

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I cant stand cadillac used part vendors and they will not help me.
« on: September 09, 2005, 07:18:53 PM »
 I cant stand those cadillac used part vendors. They will not help and say stupid stuff when I need to stupid bolts reattach the front clip to 1960 eldo.

  I asked to buy an inner fender part thats goes under the ac box since I missing that. I also asked to buy the core suport bolts with all front clip spacers, washers, and hood hidge bolts used since you cant buy them. I have been on phone two hours on phone trying get those parts. This what they said to me. I also ac box bolts that bolt the bolts to firewall. I cant help my car is bare body shell and want retach the parts becides having an in parts

 1. I called cadilac supplier in texas on phone said. I dont want destroy an parts car for that since it has an engine in car still. I so mad when said.

 2. I tryed call caddy supplier in cafornfa  and said try an salvage yard. I talked him maybe trying have all my parts to my as one bulk deal.He got mad and said I need to go. He did want rebuild maybe 20 or 30 parts I wanted rebuilt to car. He wanted sale me say one two water pumps fuel pumps etc.

 3. I called caddilac yard in californa and was on hold for 20 minutes and gave up.

 4. I an called big cadillac salvage yard in wis. I talk him and tryed ask on bolts etc and the inner fender. He did want sell me the nuts and bolts but he sell front inner fender for 175 . He would not help with bolts like hidge bolts.

 5. those guys make so mad. I wanted try talk with about buying an bunch parts at same time to try save money for bulk deals. Like trying get them rebuild almost eveything part I need to car . It like 30 parts I wanted rebuilt as an bulk deal

  I even tryed run an ad in locol newspaper in south texas for parts I need to rebuild my car. I run and paid 50 bucks for ad in newspaper wanted an 1959 or 1960 cadillac for cash. I have wasted 50 bucs and no calls in south texas for 1959 or 1960 cadillac I need.

 I cant anymore since parts guys will not help me and I cant an car or parts I need. I just need bolts, wiring parts, all types parts rebuild my 1960 eldo car in parts. I had money and those guys did want help me. Its sad and makes me so mad. I wish I could tell the world about names each guy I talked to .

 Are all cadillac parts supplers like not wanting help peaple even on small items.  I had one guy tell its stupid to try buy all those parts from him.  dale

Barry Wheeler #2189

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Re: I cant stand cadillac used part vendors and they will not help me.
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2005, 11:15:37 PM »
Hi, You do not state whether or not you are a CLC member. If you were, you would have a Directory of other members who have similar cars, some possibly near you. It is more likely that you could get the bolts and fasteners you need from a private source that has the time to get them. You must realize that a "business" has to charge for their time and going out and getting rusted (possibly) bolts from a junked car is not cost effective, and quite simply, no one does this unless they get them themselves by going to the parts yards.  Also, most parts vendors do not have "kits" of bolts and washers available. You need to go out to your local hardware store and simply purchase the ones needed. I just checked a 1960 era Master Parts Book and it does show the sizes needed on the grill cradle area, which would be one of the areas you seem to need. So get a Master Parts Book, and part of your problem should be solved. The specialized fasteners, you are going to have to either find a parts car, or hunt them up at swap meets like the rest of us. I was at the Auburn swap meet a week ago today and there was a vendor who had nothing but fasteners from all makes of cars. Check in Hemmings Motor News. Most of these vendors would advertise in that publication. I hope this helps. Good luck.


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