Author Topic: The most ugly cadillac???  (Read 1744 times)

William Hunter CLC #21622

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Every Cadillac doesnt shine
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Mike #19861

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Re: Every Cadillac doesnt shine
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 Thats a testament to their reliability. Those old Cadillacs would run no matter what. The old 75 CDV I had would fit nicely into this category. A real dog from the outside, but a solid runner that drove like a dream and everything worked.

 I regualrly see Cadillacs in this area that are real beaters that are still in regular service. Surprisingly, many are now from the 90s. Im seeing an increasing number of 90s STSs that are really run down looking.


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Re: The most ugly cadillac???
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Some interesting cars, I dont think some are really legal with soo much stuff on the hoods, must take hours to wash some of them to, I always thought about making a Cadillac art car, I collect Smiley stuff and Cadillac memorabilia, maybe Ill glue tons of smiley faces and hot wheels Cadillacs and Cadiilac emblems on my car, I know the guy that owns this company he said hell make my Cadillac into a smileymobile if I want, check out cars in portfolio, thiers a 59 Caddy convert made for Snapple.
Eric :)


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