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Started by Steve Cole, September 14, 2005, 09:45:11 PM

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Steve Cole

This post might belong as part of the "Suggestions" forum but I wanted to make sure others would see this & could respond.

There was a recent post here about Cadillac Part numbers and it got me thinking about my current situation as well as when I bought my first Cadillac. One of the first things I did was that I tried to compile a spreadsheet of replacement parts to help me with my restoration (as well as basic maintenance!). Now, I have a 60s Cadillac so my vehicle will show up in part reference guides. In the long term, Im looking at buying a 40s era Cadillac and I know Im going to have a rougher time figuring out
what parts will work.

So, what Im throwing out to everybody is this: it would be a great addition to the CLC website if there was a "Resources" type page which would provide a place for people to download files. More specifically, Im thinking about a text file or spreadsheet which contains as many of the various replacement parts (files would be set up by year). The Files would might have a structure something like this:

   Replacement part type
      Manufacturer,     Part#,     Source for part

An example:

Basic Maintenance
   Spark Plugs
      AC Delco,      R-45S,      Advanced Auto Parts
      Bosch,         4136,      Kragen/Shucks
   V Belt (Fan + Power Steering)
      NAPA,         NBH257550,   Napa
      Kelly/Springfield,   15549,      Pep Boys

and so on & so on..

[the forum wont recognize my tab indentations for the example above. It should look more like an outline]

This would certainly help EVERYONE. People just getting into owning a classic car would have a great concise listing of replacement parts to help them get things going. For the rest of us, it can something that you keep in the glovebox to help you if you happen to breakdown somewhere. By having multiple sources for parts, it would increase your odds for finding a replacement part to help you get back on the road.

Obviously itll take some work to compile responses & sort/organize them. Im certainly willing to help out with the information Ive compiled for my model year (1961).

Well, thats my idea.Id welcome any feedback..

JIM CLC # 15000

Steve, I cant take credit for this, but to indent on a message in this forum just type-in periods and it will show up as you want it to. (..., for example)

Good Luck, Jim
P.S. I thank you have a good idea going.

Dave MacGregor #18998

I like that idea too!

Out of necessity and convenience, for my 1977 Eldorado, Ive put all my AC/DELCO tuneup specs, torque specs, parts, and filters all on one simple single page spreadsheet for my own use.  This enables me to simply grab the sheet when needed without having to leaf through manuals and the like.


Mike #19861

 Great idea. For basic maintenance, a look and grab sheet would work great. You could also include filter numbers and tune up specs.

 Id like to pitch in where I may.


Steve Cole

Sounds like you guys understand what Im suggesting. Cool. Heres a link to a ZIP file of my 1961 parts list Excel Spreadsheet so far: TARGET=_blank>

I need to tweak & add more to my file but the basic concept is there. Anyways, this is what I have in mind for everyones given model year.

Dave MacGregor #18998

Hi Steve,

Gonna send you my 1977 Eldorado Sheet directly.

Although I try to exclusively use AC/Delco parts, Ill do my best to do some updating with some other cross references for others who may use other parts, etc.