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AC Compressor Sticker on 1977 Caddys

Started by Dave MacGregor #18998, September 20, 2005, 04:25:37 PM

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Dave MacGregor #18998


I tried to order a new sticker for my AC compressor on my 1977 Cadillac Eldorado with 425 engine from Osborne, but they dont make such a thing.  My old sticker is long gone.

If possible can someone take a nice sharp digitial picture of it and send it to me along with the dimensions of it?  I know someone with an ALPS printer and they may be able to make one for me.

If that doesnt come through for me or cant be done, does anyone have any other ideas for me?

Thanks for any help and advice in advance.



  Maybe find a used compressor that still has the original sticker?  It would have to be a nice one, though.  Theyre usually all scratched up.  I doubt that you could take a picture of one and print it because the sticker wraps around the compressor, ad the perspective would change around the sides.  You might be able to reproduce it in a paint program and then print it.  Maybe take a few pictures going gradually around the compressor, paste bits of them together and clean them up until it looks right?  Im just rambling, but maybe Ill give you an idea.  I once used a printer and a sticker to put a custom scale on a gauge, and you really had to look hard to tell that it wasnt original.