Hope Rita Dont destroy My 1960 Eldo Or my house in Houston texas

Started by dale jackson, September 22, 2005, 12:57:04 AM

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dale jackson

  In houston texas they are making us leave houston since the rita is an cadorty 5 hurricanne. The Traffic On the major highways out houston are at an stand still. I am waiting on my mother to get to my house and it may take 9 hours of sitting in an car before she make an hour drive.

  Its bad in houston and could an be repeat of new orleans. We in houston thought we were safe this year since katria destroyed new orleans. The gover of texas rick perry today told us to leave houston. Stores are out plywood and gas stations are running out gas for cars. Its an mess since 2 million peaple are trying get dallas texas or where ever out the pafe of rita.

 They claim we have winds over 175 miles per hour. I live by 5 acres of trees that could blow in my house or building my 60 cadillac is at. My building and house first floor is double bricks with center block and regualer brick. My roof could blow off.

 Its sad I cant rent an trailer and haul my 1960 cadillac basket case car to dallas texas to try save it. I cant get insurce on my 1960 cadillac since its an project car or basket case car.

  I did try find plywwood to baord up windows but lumper yards are sold out where I live. I did get luckey today and filled up 1992 liclon town car .In the nick Of time I got My parts to convert the busted air springs to get coils springs in my car where its not 3 inchs from ground. I can make to olkihomo to my grandmothers house. I cant go intill My mother gets here. She in an major traffic jam still.

  I guess I am in trouble a long with serval million other peaple in  south texas , etc houston. I not staying Like those Peaple in new orleans and super dome and get stuck like those peaple did in new orleans with no food or bathrooms or anything.

  If south texas get destoyed like miss, new orleans etc. The peaple in us will have magor problems with gas stotages , the port of houston will close down , oil refiners will shut down since south texas is full of gas refiners.

 They claim this storm will be worse than new orleans and will destroy everything its in pass. The other peaple in usa please fill up your gas tanks since prices my go sky up etc. etc.

 I hope we can get to safer ground in dallas texas. I am luckey I have family who lives there compared peaple with no familys since hotels are filled up etc and there are no places to go like in new orleans. The traffic it takes 14 hours or more to drive from coast to huntsville about 130 miles compared two hours.

 Have fun and got to leave before its get worse. Thanks dale jackson

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Were thinking of you Dale, and all the other people of the area.

Forget the cars, save yourselves, and dont leave with any empty seats.

Life is more precious than the material things.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Dave Smith #17592


     Dont worry about the house and car.   Pack up your family albums,  birth certificate, passport,  checkbook etc, anything that cannot be retrieved if you cant go home again.   Forget the clothes, you can always buy more where ever you and Mom end up.   Take a loaded gun too if you have one.   You never know if things get ugly and someone tries to carjack you during your escape.   Bring bottled water.  Enough for you and Mom for a day or two.  A portable radio incase you end up in a motel without electricity after the storm.    Good luck and check back in with us after everything blows over and let us know that you are both safe.  


Denise 20352

  Take ALL of your guns and ammunition with you.  Dont leave it behind where the looters can get it and use it.


dale jackson


  I made out of houston after about 10 hours drive to dallas texas. I got my car titles and  imporant papers etc etc. I am safe ans I had drive the back raods.

 Its real bad for other peaple with cars out gas and no gas to sale . Its bad  some peaple in in traffic in houston for 24 hours. My freinds it took them 8 hours to travel 10 miles on 1 45. Its bad since over 1 million peaple are leaving at same time.

 I hope its beter for the peaple still trying leave houston texas. Hotels are full and peaple are driving to olkihoomo and kansas etc for hotels etc.

 There are long gas lines and in some places no gas for cars .

 I guess i will stay in plano with my aunt intill I can get back home.

 The storm has not hit so far but time is running out for peaple trying leave.

 Have fun dale

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Well Dale,

It is good to hear that your Mother and you are safely tucked away till the storm blows over.

Take it easy.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

JIM CLC # 15000

DALE, sure good that you and your mother made it out of the path of the huricane and will have a dry place to stay untill you can return. Sounds like the word to evac. didnt/wasnt put out soon enough. But, also from what I have seen on TV, Houston will not have the deaths that N.O. had. Again, glad you made it out OK.
Good Luck, Jim


  I think that the word was given out soon enough, but many people probably had things to take care of, couldnt decide whether or not to go, or were just procrastinating.  One of my cow-orkers in Houston evacuated on Tuesday, which is what I would have done.  I remember being in LA during the 9/11 disaster...there was word that the airports might be closed, so I immediately called to reserve a one-way rental car.  There were people begging for one when I picked mine up.  Dale was smart to act fast and get out of there.


dale jackson

 I am so happy I am home after week at my moms house. I could never go home since power was out at my house. I have mess to clean up. I have tree downs and limbs and tons leaves all over the place.

 I was luckey it took one week to restore power since news was saying some places in texas it will take 30 days for power to be restored. I live 100 miles from beuamount texas where it almost totlly destroyed the town of beamount , jasper texas .

  My cars and house was saved with no damage. My next door neibor had a big oak tree fell down the center of there house. I guess I was luckey since my house was saved and no damage.

 I am luckey there are still peaple around me with no power etc.

  Its so nice to be home . dale

Porter 21919


Good to hear you made out okay, best to prepare for any future storms, not like Im one to talk.

After the 1998 ice storm in Maine I bought a generator, power was out for ten days.

If you have a woodburning device for heat and a propane stove no prob without electricity, survival wise.


dale jackson

 My father stayed and he removed all the gas from my linoclin towncar to run  an genatoer. He puled my full tank of gas I just spent 40 bucks filling up.

  On the news there were like 35 peaple in texas who died from carbon moxixe . Reason they run the genatoer in there house or whatever.

 My dad has real nice gen. Its been over 105 degreas outside in south texas and some peaple are geting put in hosital from heat related problems and some peaple have died from overheating.

  I know I was very hot when driving my 1976 cadillac home from houston and in houston.

 The storm got me In trouble and I had no car to drive in houston since we took my mothers toyoto gas saver. I had get an car fast and took my cadillac from my car lot to drive intill I could get home. It scary driving my 1976 cadillac since was wrecked bad in front, no ac, headlights that barley work. gas leaks , no exhaust system. It was an blast to drive after I fixed gas leak. I bought it in may and sold on my lot and had to repo it. Its so bad after they wrecked it

 Its an running and driving parts car that not worth restoring. I guess this storm did get an good running 1976 cadillac with fmous 500 engine. It took 65 bucks worth gas to drive it less than 200 miles . Its bad on gas maybe 5 miles per gaollen?

 Maybe I will find an good car to transplant my big 500 engine in soon.  dale