Consumer Reports vs Cadillac SRX

Started by r parkinson clc 12511, October 01, 2005, 09:16:53 AM

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r parkinson clc 12511

Has anyone seen the November 05 issue of Consumer Reports?
They ranked the midsize SUV offering.  The predicted reliability of the SRX was judged to be poor.

Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Heres something to remember about reliability rankings: all cars today are so reliable that one model can get a worse-than-average ranking and still not be, in most peoples minds, "unreliable". Take a look at the J. D. Powers lists;often the most reliable vehicles have just less than one defect per unit while the worst have fewer than three and that is a very small difference. If you want an SRX, buy it.

Eric Maypother CLC #15104

Hi All,
Ive always found in those "New Car" review magazines that the authors favor smaller, fuel efficent cars over our beloved land barges, they seem to think big roomy cars are a negative over a small cramped tin can. Most reviews seemed to be their personal opinion over actual quality, of course a Honda lover isnt going to think a Cadillac is great, they should do more to compair a Cadillac to Lincolns or other luxery cars.
I think 1 quote for the 1996 Fleetwood Brougham was "behemoth"
Eric :)

Porter 21919

They do a good honest job. However,not everyone wants to own the most reliable car with the least defects.

If that was the case we would all be driving a Honda or Toyota.

My mom is on her third Honda Accord since 1996, none of them ever needed any repairs under warranty, small wonder she bought two more. The newest one is a 2000, completely trouble free, only had to have a light bulb replaced.

The real benefit of consumer reports is pointing out the used cars that are really dogs, the ones that blow head gaskets and timing belts prematurely.

I would never own a car with a timing belt engine, can you say Cadillac Catera ? No doubt CR did a hatchet job on that car, justifiably or not, I wouldnt know, never heard any rave reviews about that model.

Amazingly GM has resuscitated the Cadillac and Corvette, without their flagships they are history. They have done a great job with the Corvette, not a bottom line profit car but corporate pride, always the best value in a sports car. The foreign countries are enamored with some of the GM vehicles, just like Americans clamor at the Jap crap and the Black Forest stuff, and they pay for it too, through the nose, at least the Jap cars are very reliable, not so for the German stuff. The Cadillac V series have BMW in the crosshairs, beat them at their own game.

Good move sharing the Vette drivetrains with the V series, best small block engine in the world.

They have worked very hard to bring up their quality standards and I will only ever own their vehicles anyway.